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  News & Events

1. The Chinese Government Gives Top Priority to Stem Cell Research and Development (January 19, 2012)

2. The Washington Post report regarding our center and specialized stem cell treatment  (June 6, 2010)

3. Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem C (January 21, 2010)

4. One of our MND patients, Carol Bell being interviewed on BBC (July 6, 2015)

5. Stem cells cruise to clinic (September 15, 2014)

6. Good practice-Standardized procedures and analyses should help to get stem-cell therapies to the clinic (June 18, 2014)

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  Diseases we treat

 Spinal Cord Injury
 Optic Neuropathy (Atrophy)
 Child Neurology Unit
 Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
 Huntington's Disease
 Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)
 Cerebral Palsy
 Eye Disorders
 Huntington's disease
 Schizophrenia disease
 Major depressive disorder
 Spasm and convulsions
 Thyrotoxic Myopathy
 Polymyositis disease
 HMSN disease
 Toxic encephalopathy
 Mental retardation
 Pachygyria disease
 Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
 Muscular dystrophy
 Spinal Muscular Atrophy
 Mitochondrial myopathies
 Mitochondrial diseases
 hepatolenticular degeneration
 Leukodystrophy disease
 Batten disease
 Chorea disease
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
 Multiple system atrophy
 Parkinson's disease
 Spinal cord compression
 Myelitis disease
 Muscle atrophy
 Neuromuscular disease
 Cerebral hemorrhage and the sequelae
 Neurological Genetic Diseases

About Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (Narrated Presentation)

Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (WSCMC) was named after Dr. Like Wu, the co-Founder, Chief Neurologist and Managing Director of the center. Using the unique stem cell technologies innovated by Dr. Wu, since 2005, he and his medical team have successfully treated over 2,000 patients from all over the world suffering from various neurological diseases, disorders, and injuries including Parkinson's disease, post-stroke, Batten's disease, ALS, MS, MSA, PSP, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, etc. This has laid a solid foundation for the application of stem cell technologies to treat these previously untreatable neurological diseases.

Our Mission

To make a world of difference in the lives of patients and their families by integrating new medical technologies, care, education and research to provide the highest quality care and service to our diverse community.

Our Vision

WSCMC will be one of the best stem cells medical centers in the world, known for advancing research and providing definitive diagnosis and treatment for our diverse community of patients with complex neurological diseases.

Some Facts About Our Unique Stem Cell Therapy

  •  Does your medical center also offer conventional treatment?
  •  If there is surgery, can I fly back home before the wound has healed?
  •  Will I lose very much blood?
  •  If I have to have surgery, how long will it take for the wound to heal?
  •  Does the doctor have to penetrate the spinal canal to infuse the stem cells
  •  What will my treatment schedule be like?
  •  What types of rehabilitation training is done?
  •  Is other therapy done in addition to stem cell infusion?
  •  Is general anesthesia used?
  •  When I send my records to your hospital, does a doctor read them?
  •  Can you use stem cells to treat diabetes?   (New)
  •  Is it possible for you to manufacture the TPP1 enzyme and deliver it?
  •  What medications do you use on Batten disease patients?
  •  If your hospitals have an age restriction on patients?
  •  About the neural growth factors that your medical center use
  •  For Batten disease treatment, what type of stem cells are used?
  •  How long after surgery will it be before I can bathe or shower?
  •  What other drugs does the doctor combine with the stem cells for therapy?
  •  Do the doctors use anesthesia during the operation?
  •  What should I expect to experience during the stem cell treatment?
  •  What methods do you use to transplant stem cells into the patient's body?
  •  Can you use adult stem cells from my own bone marrow?
  •  How long should I expect to stay in Beijing for the treatment?
  •  How do I know if I am a good candidate for stem cell therapy?
  •  Is stem cell treatment safe? Is it really effective?
  •  Where do the stem cells come from?
  •  What kinds of stem cells does your medical center use and are they safe?
  •  How do stem cells know where to go and what to do?
  •  What are stem cells and how do they work to treat various diseases?
  •

    Patient Stories

    Spinal Cord Injur
    Mohamed Amin Abdullateef-Spinal Cord Injury-(Egypt)-Posted on Sept.21th,2015
    Spinal Muscular Atro
    Gabriel Andres Zabala-Spinal Muscular Atrophy-(Argentina)-Posted on Sept.21th,2015
    Motor Neuron Disease
    Martin Henderson-Motor Neuron Disease-(England)-Posted on Sept.18th,2015
    Spinal Muscular Atro
    Santiago Javier Zabala-Spinal Muscular Atrophy-(Argentina)-Posted on Sept.18th,2015
    Stroke, Epilepsy
    Hendrik Pieter Kroonenburg-Stroke-(Germany)-Posted on Sept.4th,2015
    Retinitis Pigmentosa
    Brayan Julian Patino Palomin-Retinitis Pigmentosa-(Colombian)-Posted on Aug.25th,2015
    Spinal Cord Injury
    Carlos Matias Garces Todorivich-Spinal Cord Injury-(Chile)-Posted on Aug.19th, 2015
    Cerebral Palsy,CP
    Almohsin Nora Mohammed N-Cerebral Palsy-(Saudi)-Posted on Aug.4th, 2015

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